What is Digital Subscription?

Vanglaini understands subscribers' necessity for digital access of daily newspaper from anywhere with the availability of internet. We also consider your suggestions for multiple device acessibility ranging from Smartphone, Tablet to Desktop PC.

After careful planning, analysis and development, we came up with a solution where any users may read our daily news for free of charge. But to make our online business support you for long term, we decided we need to put articles and editorial for only subscribers who pay monthly fee. This monthly fee is totally independant of hard copy subscription and if any user want to read the daily article and editorial online, they have to register with us for online subscription at a very low cost.

We also send out email notification to our digital subscribers everymorning (except sunday) and this email contain web links to our article and editorial of the same day. We also deliver a high resolution copy of the daily newspaper to your email.

How to start subscribing?

On the home page, click on the subsciption banner on the top of the right sidebar which will take you to a page where you can start the subscribing process conveniently. Information are provided each step to guide you to complete your subscription process.

What is Daily View Archive?

We believe that accessing archive should be simple and straight forward. So we offer an input field where you may select the date of the daily newspaper that you want to access and the nespaper of that day will be given to you on your screen. However, the ads you see are not the ads of that day you are selecting but the rest of the information is exactly as it was printed on that day.

Since we are in the initial stages, our archive is not rich and with this new web application we hope to serve you better as time goes on.

Also, this feature is available for only Tablet and Desktop users.

How do i submit article / photo ?

Please use the links provided in the lower right section of the footer for the same.